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Caddis Nymphs – Cased

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Like all nymphs, it should be simple, quick to tie and a fly you are willing to lose on the bottom.  Three patterns worth noting, with the first two being “quick” ties:

As illustrated in Oliver Edwards’ Masterclass book, the Peeping Caddis is a general recipe and variations are only limited by your imagination and effort. Change the colour of the body, the material, the head colour, et cetera.  My only added advice, after examing the many cased bodies in the river, keep the body thin with a taper to the nymph’s rear.

Of these references, the only “hard to find” pattern is the variant of the Insult, (more to be posted in the future), but it is

  • Slight Curved Hook, such as a TMC 200R (straight is okay).
  • Black Thread.
  • At Hook Bend, used Burnt Mono to hold 2 Small Beads for a head (above and behind the hook).
  • Add Deer Hair for Legs.
  • Using Thread, create a taper body, down to the hook eye.
  • Create a body using Peacock Herl.

You may use glue as an underbody, thread, mono or copper ribbing to make the body more robust.

Ian James’ Crunchy Caddis has a substantial body, and thus slower to get to the bottom, it is often used in slower shallow water for trout, or with added weight.

Once you done these, look to Oliver Edwards’ Dry Caddis and Popa Caddis, and with a Polish-Czech nymph, you have this family of insects covered.


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2009/11/01 at 15:37

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  1. […] the weighted fly is on the point fly only, like a weighted woven czech nymph , cased caddis or one of the many bead-head nymphs out […]

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