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Putting it together a late summer rigging

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The previous 7 posts have been a collection of flies, with a reference to fly-tying books-DVDs that I have recommended.  Now, pulling this flies together into a actual setup (rig) is the following  late summer rigging, for close-in high-stick (czech style) nymphing.  Given this technique, I recommend a long rod (10′) with a moderate action. My preference is an Scott ARC G1007-4 (10′  7 wt  4 piece from Scott), and though discontinued, there are other solutions available.

7wt may seem large, but it handle the setup with authority, and a delicate cast is not the primary requirement.

I do not use a float or indicator, but in lieu of a breader leader, I will use a bright red Amnesia (20-25#) at the start of the leader for 18-24″, followed by Maixma (15# Green) for 24-36″.  Very little of the fly line is out the top guide.

Note the weighted fly is on the point fly only, like a weighted woven czech nymph , cased caddis or one of the many bead-head nymphs out there..

The middle fly is not weighted, it also can be a woven nymph, caddis, partridge wet-fly or a general emerger such as a Whitlock’s Squirrel Nymph.

The dropper (top) is a drowned dry fly, like an ant, a wet fly,  Caddis Dry Fly or POPA Caddis.

As far a presentation, cast slightly upstream. Mend to get the point to bounce the bottom, and drift down. Ideally, the dropper fly drowns, and as the drift continues, lower your rod and may even release a little line.

Continue the drift into a swing. Once the swing is completed, setup for the next cast and try again.

My only compliant, several of the waters I fish do not allow for multiple fly rigs.


Written by raspberryfisher

2010/04/03 at 00:43

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