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tools for those spools?

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Have seen many bobbins from different manufacturers, see some good companies go (DH Tompson) and emergence of fair-at-best-cheap products. So with this knowledge, what would I recommend:

  • Matarelli Standard for fine thread (the Gudebrod 10/0s and Danville 6/0).
  • Matarelli Midge for Pearsalls and other thread on these machine bobbins.
  • Umpqua for Uni (bonded) threads.

Some additional points:

  • Never tried the Renzetti, Wasatch, Ekich and Rite Bobbins (at the time of this original post), so I have no comment on these products. For those that I rejected or not fond of, they such remain nameless.
  • Returning back to Materelli, I also recommend their whip finisher and threader. Watching Oliver Edwards, I pick up the trick of using a clean thread end sucking the thread up, thus avoiding the need for a threader on many occassions.
  • I have tried and believe there is limited value using a bobbin for wire and floss, as you lose control and sensitivty. Thus, I do prefer to wrap floss and wire by hand.
  • For the any bobbin, and in particular the Matarelli, it may take some initial fiddling to adjust (bend) the legs to your liking, but once done, they work well for years.  You adjust the legs for two reasons:
      1. Ensure the legs are clearing the spool and not rubbing the edges. If it does, thread tension can be inconsistent as it rubs on features on the spool, such as labels, thread holding notches and other irregularities.
      2. Set the tension on the spool (id est, how hard it presses-clamps on the spool). I prefer the tension to be light, sufficicent to hold the bobbin in air, and I apply pressire with the palm of my hand as I wrap.

A small flying cinnamon-red ant, fish in late summer, in the film.



Written by raspberryfisher

2011/04/10 at 21:52

Posted in Dry Flies, Fly-Tying, Tools

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