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The real thing, but as it involves raw eggs, it is not what you will get in a restaurant.  Simple to make, but needs some time for the coffee to cool.

The ingredients

  • 2c Espresso
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 1c+ Sugar
  • 2+ Tbsp Rum (to taste)
  • 40+ Ladyfingers
  • 6 Eggs, seperated
  • 3c Mascarpone
  • 2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder

The Preparation (in the morning)

  • Pour 2c expresso into a large bowl.
  • When hot, add 2 Tbsp sugar.
  • Cool.

Once Expresso is cool

  • Add rum to coffee, adjust to taste.
  • Mix 6 egg yolks and 1c sugar.
  • Beat at medium-high speed, until yellow and fluffy (5 minutes).
  • Add 3c mascarpone and continue beating until smooth cream
  • In another mixing bowl, beat 6 egg whites until medium-stiff tips.
  • Fold 1/4 of the whites into Mascarpone.
  • Lightly fold the remaining Whites into Mascarpone.
  • Using a small pan that will hold a ladyfinger, pour in the expresso. You will be using this pan to quickly dunk and soak the ladfinger.
  • We want a heavy ladden wet ladyfinger, but if you soak a ladyfinger too long, it will be soggy and fall apart. You will need to soak 1+ test cases and break it in half to learn-judge how long a ladyfinger should soak. For my supply, it is always between 5-10 seconds each.
  • If you wet the ladyfinger completely through, not only will it fall apart, but it will too wet in the dish. The inside core has to be dry when you assemble the Tiramisu.
  • Pull out the baking disk (~10″ x 10″) that will hold the Tiramisu.
  • One at a time, briefly submerge ladyfinger, until Espresso penetrates half of ladyfinger.
  • Lay each ladyfinger into a bottom of a dish, until the dish bottom is covered.
  • Fit in snugly.
  • Spread half of Mascarpone on top.
  • Create another layer of soaked ladyfingers.
  • Spread remainding Mascarpone.
  • Refrigerate for 2 or more hours.
  • Just before serving, add chocolate (or chocolate shavings, raspberries).
  • Good for 2 days maximum.



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2012/01/01 at 20:06

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