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Honing Guide Update

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In yesterday’s post, I “talked” about three different honing guides. To help illustrate the Pro and Cons of the 2 best solutions, I offer the following illustration.

To recap:

  • The no-name guide (top) enables an easy registration (create your own jigs) and ensuring a square face for repeatable edges. Though, with its smaller centered roller in the under carriage, you need to be careful that you do not roll side to side.
  • The Richard Kell guide (lower) is stable quality tool, but what comes with this is a wide base (need to work on glass with paper or wide stones (3″ minimum width)) and blade needs to supported as it wants to fall back.

I should note I have two different blades in – the top unit has a blade fitted for a “new era”  Stanley 9 1/2 Block Plane which is wider than the blade below for my Lie-Nielson Block Plane, Standard Angle.

Though I have included some links to other external websites, it is likely over the years, these links will break. Once they do, please “Google” it.


Written by raspberryfisher

2012/01/05 at 16:45

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  1. […] continuation on my previous post about my Honing Guides (1) and (2) for Block Panes – supporting tools – for Bamboo Rod Making, I make the following […]

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