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Purple Heron Full View

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As requested, full view of a Purple Heron, previousily published.

Observations: Though well tented with my preference for a low-set, the hook (a Daiichi 2441 (2)) is a little short, and thus the featherwing proportion is a little long for a classic look (wing tip too the bend of the hook, with a preference of the tip to the point).

Other potential hooks:

  • Those truest to Syd Glasso concept would probably be:
    • Alec Jackson 2091 Blind Eye Hook (1.5), long with a graceful bend.
    • Alec Jackson Spey Hook 1.5 (and there are heavy variants)
  • There are other hooks out there, but this reflects what I have on hand. Maybe in the future, I will try a hook pattern shoot-out, comparing same construction and materials on different hooks.  But I need to get over my current backlog of projects and travel.


Written by raspberryfisher

2012/01/13 at 05:12

Posted in Fly-Tying, Spey

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  1. […] gone back to using Spey Hooks (AJ Spey, Sizes 1 1/2 and 3), which are longer than previous go with Daiichi 2441.  Yes, the longer hook helps and after I did some dying of feathers (using Jacqard 624 Turquoise), […]

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