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Heron Wing Style – how low?

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I have gone back to using Spey Hooks (AJ Spey, Sizes 1 1/2 and 3), which are longer than previous go with Daiichi 2441.  Yes, the longer hook helps and after I did some dying of feathers (using Jacqard 624 Turquoise), I have tied a few of my Winter Ice Herons.

As a style, I prefer my wings set (tented) low, but here I have experiments with “How low?”.

It is interesting, in looking and thinking of the flies, the differences seem more dramatic when the fly is on the vise, versus here in this review.  First set of pictures, with the camera slightly below the hook’s lateral axis, so looking up.

 The second set of images with camera “even” with the hook’s lateral axis.

 When the fly, is on the vise, and I set the wings really low and was concern I am hiding the body too much. But as I post thie review and given the view of the fish is more likely to below, I am incline to keep to the very low setting.

Now, I have master my fault to why I set the wings to far back, but given the front angle this does not show. The wings ends are in front of the hook end.

The recipe and notes:

  • AJ Spey Hook in Silver, sized 1.5 and 3 (above are 3s)
  • With Danville Flymaster 6/0 in White.
  • Twisted Oval Medium Tinsel. I prefer little tinsel and use it to counter wrap the hackle.
  • French Floss, tinted Silver Doctor Blue
  • Hackle is a Whited Eared Pheasant lightly dyed in Jacquard 624 Turquoise
  • Seal Dubbing on Floss, tinted Silver Doctor Blue (I need to start dying seal to).
  • Teal, but please wrap from base to tip for a small head.
  • Generic Bass Cape Feathers, lightly dyed.
  • Head is finish with Venard’s Cellire.

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2012/02/19 at 20:50

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