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Going around my man-cave?

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An updated look at what is in my man-cave – fly-tying room.

  • A – Chest of drawers holding tools, long hooks and paint.
  • B – A Rubbermaid bin used to hold all my materials required to tie the fly in progress.
  • C – Tape, used occassionally to hold together groups (feather bunches in a dye).
  • D – OHaus Scout fine weight scale (0.1 to 200 grams) use to weigh eyes, hooks, lines, et cetera.
  • E – Grundig Radio, a Yacht Boy 400.
  • F – Fly turner, battery operate – Spring was replaced with a plastic-foam block.
  • G – Pens and Markers, with a recent preference to Copics.
  • H – Peacock and miscelaneous items in cups. I keep a set of plastic glasses for storage for work in progress.
  • I – Custom Holder – 10 Alligator Clips in a Board.
  • J – Sharps – A cardboard used to collect retired flys.
    • Behind J is a labeller, used to mark boxes. Acknolwedging the demands of my work, I have shift to, and recommend the Brother P-Touch PT-1650.
  • K – Renzetti Traveller Vise, purchased in 1995, with a jaw change out a decade later.
  • L  – 50W Halogen Light.
  • M – Small rubbermaid container with water, to soak biots, gut, et cetera.
  • N – Renzetti Presentation Vise, with holding magnets.
  • O – Custom back board to help hold tiles or other backing for photographs, such as the SBS for
  • P – My Glue and epoxy collection.
  • Q – Waldmann Omnivue flat vision magnifier and 27W lighting – recommended!
  • R – Custom tool holder.
  • S – Pony Clamp used to hold the vise in-place when tying the Woven Czech Nymphs.
  • T – Custom scraps “bucket” – a very valuable tool that keeps my bench and work-surface clean-usable.
  • U – 10W (x3) Back-lighting halogens.
  • V – Modular Arlink WorkBench, with two shelves above and one below.
  • W – Hooks in Umpqua Hook Boxes
  • X – Flies in 3600 Plano Boxes. Boxes are taken with me on trips, to replenish lost flies.
  • Y – Spice rack and bottles holding beads.

Not shown:

  • Above on Arlink Shelves: Fly-Tying Material stored in Rubbermaid Container and Zip-Loks.
  • Below on Arlink Shelves: More material in Rubbermaids and thread-floss-wire in Artbin Containers.
  • Floor in front, a Pearl Harley Drum Throne (my seat).
  • Garbage Can and vaccum.

Written by raspberryfisher

2012/02/25 at 08:18

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