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Pineville (Salmon River) NY – March 9 2012

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Why I like fishing in Winter!

No fish today (Friday), but it was a great day to be outside.

Fishing summary, for the previous 3 days the water release was at 500 cfs with very changeable weather – from a sunny high of 50+F on Wednedsay, to a dark Thursday and then eventual heavy snow on Friday afternoon.

The fish and the anglers were up-river, but I have had enough of rude crowds, so I decided to search for late arrivers in the lower reach of the river, mostly below 2A. I did hook into a fish in the tail of the Compactor Pool on a Black Demon, but beyond this saw no action (little report of any action, unless you were up-river). Malinda kindly sooth my “bad luck”, noting the fish are pre-occupy with spawning, yet lets be honest, I am trying to catch a fish on a swung fly (low odds) in the quieter part of the river (again, no odds).

I am good with this, though it is hard to explain to others why I am willing to fish hard, and still am happy with just hooking into one.


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2012/03/10 at 06:57

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