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March 11, 2012

I tap and process Maple Syrup for family and some friends the old fashion way.

  • I drill holes and use taps in a few trees, not vaccum line a forest.
  • I boil off the water to syrup to taste, balancing the carmelization and maple flavour.
  • Once done, it is just Maple Syrup, no additives.

Noting wrong with production maple syrup, but what are the differences:

  • No sweeteners or flavour added, but my flavour does change through the seasons and years.
  • Not processed by osmosis to extract the water and eliminate the complexity of carmelization that happens when you boil off the maple sap.
  • Not processed to highest sugar concentration possible (done for maximum shelf life), but boil to balance what I believe is the best mix of carmel and maple possible for taste with the batch at hand.
    • So my syrup will not be as thick.
    • And my syrup maybe darker, as carmelization does darken the syrup.
      • Dark syrup is a function of the tree, the heaviest of the maple and the amount of carmelization created in processing. The industry grading by its ability to transmit light (from dark to light) is limited in reflecting what the final taste will actually be.

Spring is here!


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2012/03/11 at 23:15

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