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Maple Syrup Sampler for 2012

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Last year was a great year – great taste and a large production run. This year, with the record breaking high temperatures (Spring 2 to 3 weeks early (Crocus were in bloom early April last year)) the maple syrup run was short and ran dark.  The good news, the flavour is fine, across the spectrum of production.

So here is a visual sampler of the run through the past 2- weeks, with a light syrup at the start of the season to the last run of 2 days ago (bolied down yesterday).  Overtime, I have kept to processing in batches, and let the flavour of each patch shine through. (A blended syrup is sweet and nice, but I think you lose some character of the maple that is specific to its stage).

The processing of boiling off on each batch was the same, so the differences reflect the seasonal changes.  As far as the particulates in the syrup, we still have 2 more steps – hot filtering through felt and then “canning it”.

(No – I do not have 3 shot glasses that are the same)

The tree frogs start their chours last night, and despite we will have seasonal temperatures next week, syrup production is probably done for the year.

I been working on updates to balancing and configuring my spey rods, but more about that later.


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2012/03/21 at 17:59

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