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Meiser S2H1264S-4 Spey Rod

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Some people collect shoes, others electronics, or tools, but myself I collect either art (supplies, paper and artistic prints) or fishing rods and flies (not reels or other tackle). To this collection, I have just added a Meiser 12’6″ 4wt Spey Trouter Rod.  It is a standard build for fishing (as I will fish it) and in keeping with Bob, flawless craftmanship (this is not a factory rod).

With the rod came a custom Scandi fly line from Steve Godshall – 324 grain head at 31.1′. Plus some RIO 10; Poly Leaders (75 grains).

As I took lunch to line up the rod, I was amazed on how light the rod is, and how light a reel you need on it. If you want an extended arm reach (length of the grip is 22″) for traditional casting, you want a reel whose empty weight is shy of 5 oz to balance.

As I prefer to go with an underhand cast (this is what I asked for in a line), with my hands ~18″ apart, I spooled my line on a Loop 2W reel (whose empty weight is 5.8oz) which pushes the balance point back nearly 4″ from the front edge. This gives me a left-right hand placement that is 18″ wide.

A Loop 3W would move the balance point back another 3/4″ and provide a hand placement that is a little over 17″ wide.  Something to consider in the future, if I want to choke in on the grip.

In theory, if I used a Nautilus 12DD (empty weight of 10.1 oz), it would move the balance point another 3″ back (from the Loop 2W) and change the hand placement to 15″.  Instinct says too tight and too heavy, but hey, I am still developing my skills and preference, so maybe someday I might want something this heavy.


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2012/03/30 at 20:15

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