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Tuesday was eventful, from having to fix a flat-tire as I rushed to the airport (overnight business trip to Orlando), managing flight delays at connections to receiving my new spey rod from Bob Meiser  just before this years’ trout-bass season. So were do I start?

  • It is possible to change a flat tire on the side of the county highway in 12 minutes, in your dress clothes, and not get dirty. I thought the bolts had seized, but jumping on the tire iron help.  Anyway, I was not to far from home, and my wife was there to rescue me. The best outcome became, Judy limped home with the car with the spare and I continue on with my trip in the van.
  • And though, I was delayed having to fix the car, I really did not have to rush.  Why, again Air Canada delayed my departure waiting for a crew!  I was left with 20 minutes to make my connection, if it was on-time, but of course it was not.
    • It is interesting to note that on 3 of the 4 flights I took this week was delayed, as Air Canada was shuffling and finding pilots to fly their aircraft  (I have heard AC blame the pilots association for this, calling in sick as a form of protest, and maybe this is true but this problem as been around for ages).
  • There has been a lot of problems with Air-Canada:
    • Bad blood between Air Canada management and the workers has frequently come to light – strikes, walk-outs and government intervention (back to work legislation, force attribution). This includes pilots, cabin grew, agents, et cetera. It appears pretty wide-spread and illiustrates a fundamental collapse in labour management relations has happen.
    • Air Canada selling off its maintenance division, which then shuts down.
    • But, I have to say, despite the anguish the staff is sufferring, I was treated kindly by all.  A class act by all I meet, who still treated their customers well. 
      • Cannot say that about Air Canada’s Chicago office (rude and do not give a damm), Baggage Claims (no accountability) or Customer Service Group (never calls back).
  • Continuing on good service, over and over again the TSA agents at Orlando should be called good people.
  • For the past few years, I have been in Orlando (Buena Vista) on many occassions, but I have not yet gone into Disney (or Sea-World, et cetera). My excuse has always been, I hate line-ups, but the irony continues, as the work is for Disney, On Disney, but I still have never been in Disney (which is okay with me).
    • Though I have avoided the usual tourist haunts in Orlando, I do recommend Orlando Outfitters, for those who fly-fish and tye flies.  A great store.
    • Is there anything in Florida I want to do, as a tourist, yeah, I would like to bicycle 1A from Homestead to Key-West.

 Next post, talk about my new spey rod.  It so light!


Written by raspberryfisher

2012/03/30 at 05:37

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