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Fly Storage Storage Boxes

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Previous posts dealt with my fishing pack and my on-the-river fly boxes. As I tied flies in batches, I keep my spares in Plano 3600 boxes, and use these to refill my fly boxes as required. In the event of an extended trip, I may take some of these boxes with us to refill, as we go.

In previous posts about my man-cave, (older fisheye look), you can see my bulk storage above my fly-tying bench. It is in these Plano 3600 boxes, that I hold flies and other associated fishing materials.

My bass box. Iluustrating the most effective flies:

  • Dave’s Gorilla
  • Wooly Worms – Black and Green-Olive
  • Poppers and Sneaky Petes.
  • Janssen’s Dragonfly Nymph (I have better luck with the nymph than any dry I have tied ot bought)

Now, one very effective fly not in this box is Clouser’s Minnow – tied as a minnow or crayfish. It is a great fly to catch bass, but not as much fun as a popper to fish.




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2012/06/20 at 19:44

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