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2012 Smallmouth Bass Season Opens

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Smallmouth season opens late in Ontario, to ensure the bass has successfully spawned and reared their own without interference from anglers. Given the early spring, I am sure they could have open the season 2-4 weeks earlier. The water is warm (80F) and the fish are behaving as is summer has been underway for a month. So summer fishing in effect, fishing should be kept to the very start or end of the day, flies small, and presentations need to be active (or late night large poppers for cruising bass). So what worked the best?  Our best success was with size 8 wooly worms and smaller marabou muddlers (tadpoles).

Judy did well working the pools above Appleton last night and better once the wind died down.

With the water low and slow, using a spey road may not be the best choice (switch might be best), but I need the practice. So I fished my light Meiser 1264 with a Scandi line on a Loop 2W, shown below with an olive-chartreuse muddler. It is fine  rod, with great craftsmanship. Sorry, for the lousy picture, I try not to touch the fish or pulling it out of the water.

Yes, I think a heavier reel would work for me, but lets find some faster water and practice more.

Last night, this is my first try of blogging from our home Apple computer. Lets see if it works – we (Caitlan) have converted 3 bad 4 yr old iMACs into one working one. Yeah, but I was thinking about Apple’s poor record on quality and lack of support (for anything older than 3 years old) and question their emphasis to replace and trash electronics every 3 years – not a good thing for our future – heck, a 10 year old car has better support and value with age.



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2012/06/25 at 04:18

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