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a good night fishing

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Maybe because it was windy, blowing food up river into the reeds (and a change in front), it was one of those special nights. I quickly started with a River Redhorse (off the surface no less) and soon there after landed one of my largest smallmouth bass ever (no picture), and many other nice bass. The most effective tactic was throwing a white muddler right onto the reed edge, pause, and slowly draw the fly back – cross the current and cutting in the wind.

The first of many bass last night.

The most productive spot, the rapids just to the left and the waves are going up-current.

Most of the insects were dragonflies, some damselflies, very small mayflies, but the occassional salmonfly.  As I was just below the rapids, hence the stonefly husk in the picture below, but the stomach contents from the bass suggested they were eating other fish and leeches to.

Aside, when fishing, I am using a cheap camera with very limited exposure or aperature controls that can be managed on the water (let alone dry land). The good news, if it goes for a swim, I lost little, bad news, the pictues are so-so.



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2012/07/05 at 17:21

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