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Windstorm and down trees

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Last Monday’s (8 days ago) storm resulted in many downed trees in the Upper Ottawa Valley, broken or just toppled over.  I lost a few (my neighbour to the west had more damage) and the people at Norway Lake should be getting power back this week.

The trees and branches across the walkway, garden and driveway are cleared away (completed on Sunday) (thank you Caitlan for helping), and the remainder will be done later in the year (September-October). Much of it will be returned back to nature, but I have some sticks and wood for staffs, canes and wood-turning.

The tree flat on the ground was lost a previous winter, but the basswood, maple and hickory on the right came down last week. The basswood and hickory did not break, but these trees were ripped out of the soil.

Elsewhere I have damage to an old apple, black cherry, maple and an area to still to be surveyed at a later date (the back field).  All this comes with leaving in the back 40!



Written by raspberryfisher

2012/07/31 at 19:40

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