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Epoxy Box 1 – Close-Ups

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Left Wall Vent Inlet – Window Hole with Screen.  Screen can be blocked with chessecloth or other material to reduce airflow or futher block entry of dust.

For the vent allowing wires in, I have provided a keyhole entry. A breakdown will be illustrated in a future post.

From this and to the next box, I made the following changes to the vents.

  • Finer Mesh,
  • The Cable Entry Vent Assembly uses bolts to allow an exchange of cables (I also did not use disconnects),
  • Found of Gorilla Glue, I find TiteBond neater and very effective, so it is my default glue to join wood.

The Equipment and note there is a disconnect for each piece. From the top, working clockwise, we have …

  • DC Blower on Wire Cage
  • Heater on Wire Cage
  • Sully Turner.
  • Thermostat

Outside the box, not shown, is an Epoxy Turner.

Parts lists will be provided in the next posting.

Super magnets are inset into the plywood are used to hold all of the  equipment inplace, including the electrical box and the Sully Turner.

To keep the fan cage out from the wall, the supermagnets are not inset, but mounted on the surface. This was done so as I could use the same bend / wire cage as that under the heater.

There are 2 electrical feeds out of the thermostat – one to the main heater as shown and the other to the extension box.

A simple look down. On the floor under the rods, but not the heater, is removable-cleanable-disposable UHMW Vinyl to catch any drips.

I apply the epoxy-varnish as it rotates in the box, so any dripping is not from the rod (application is thin / light), but any errors I make in loading up the brush or using a spatula.

The far end.

  • I keep my materials in the box, so they are at temperature when I mix the epoxy. In this picture, left to right is U-40, ThreadMaster and Flexcoat (ProKote was out of view, against the right wall). Note how dark the U-40 Epoxy is.
  • A thermometer to monitor and validate temperature. I keep the box at 28C or 82F (approximate).
  • The back wire leads are to connect to second heater when the extension box is added.
  • Partially visible, on the right wall is the right vent, constructed in the same manner as those on the left wall.

The right wall can be removed, and is only held by friction fit.



Written by raspberryfisher

2012/08/31 at 17:52

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