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Box Keyhole Vent

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Of the two recent finish boxes, I have employed a keyhole vent of similar construction, but there are some differences. This assembly is from Box 2 (vertical box), which has a finer mesh and small value than box 1.

The “assembly” exterior view.  The center hols is the final vent that limits the air exchange.

The assembly’s internal view.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but does not always convey everything, so here are the other key points:

  • The mesh is actually glued (with CA (Superglue)) onto an inside face of the assembly. A better answer would be to use 2 thin plywood sections and permanently glue the sandwich together.
  • Assembly is held to the wall by 4  1/4″ Bolts with Washer-Nuts. An improvement is to use only 3 bolts, in an assymetrical arrangement, so aligning the assembly is obvious by quick inspection.
  • The vent can be further restricted by using cheesecloth in the interior (large) channel.

Written by raspberryfisher

2012/09/01 at 23:34

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  1. […] bottom view illustrates the lower screened vent and the cable keyhole entry. […]

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