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Flexcoat Color Preserver Test

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Though, my colour-lock preference is Al’s, I do want to maintain an alternate. So I wanted to debug my rechnique for using Flexcoat Color Preserver (which gave me some trouble a few tests back). After some though, I decided several steps may have given me trouble:

  • The silk thread has absorded moisture.
  • Application by bodkin, versus brush may not be “pushing” the fluid into the thread, and therefore to light (an issue with the first application).
  • Apply fluid to the edges.
  • Not enough coars.

So I modified my procedure to the following:

  • After wrapping is complete, place into to epoxy box, and expose rod to warm heat for 24 hours.
  • Apply by brush, versus coat heavy.
  • Ensure I am getting fluid onto the sides.
  • Test with 2, 4 and 6 coats of Color Lock (Flexcoat Color Preserver).
  • Test with 3 Threads – 5mm wide
    • Japanese Silk (Anglers Workshop) – Bright Green,
    • Gudebrod (Nylon) – Straw,
    • ProWrap (Nylon) – Gold
  • I use a thin application of ProKote Epoxy by Brush. Worked well.


Silk Thread, from Anglers Workshop, with 2, 4 and 6 coats of Flexcoat Color Preserver + ProKote Epoxy

Gudebrod Nylon Thread with 2, 4 and 6 coats of Flexcoat Color Preserver + ProKote Epoxy.

ProWrap Nylon Thread  with 2, 4 and 6 coats of Flexcoat Color Preserver + ProKote Epoxy


  • The silk (given age and longer exposure to the elements (finger oils?)) more suspectible to faults.
  • Silk is more opaque than nylon, when coated.
  • 4 coats by brush worked (some blend through, noticable under magnification).
    • I may add some distilled water to the preserver and test another time.
  • Brushing sides created a new problem with the nylon threads – seperating ends.  I need to consider the following steps when using nylon and a brush with colour preserver:
    • More subtle application with the brush (less important with nylon thread, so it appears)
    • Use a pick to push threads in during application.
    • If possible lengthen the holding tag needs to be longer

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2012/09/07 at 07:49

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