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Tamarack in the fall

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I have taken a set of close-ups of the Tamarack’s to the west of the house this season, playing with images that calls up the spirit of Tom Thomson to illustrating its spring emergemce and its full life after a heavy morning dew.  As fall comes to an end, continuing with the cycle, a couple more images are here for show.

The tamarack as a tree from afar holds little to me, but its delicate needles, cones and colour makes it fine tree to keep,  watch and appreciate. Its beauty, felt or seen, is when you get close.

My accompaning facebook entry: There are the majestic trees (the oak and elm), those whose service I admire (the maple and black cherry), and whose form and flowers make me smile and cheer (the apple and crab-apples), but I believe the beauty of a tamarack comes only when it is seen or felt close in. To be appreciated it, you must get close in.



Written by raspberryfisher

2012/10/22 at 06:22

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