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Dragon’s Tooth

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This is the first Dragon’s Tooth I have down, which represents a couple of other firsts – Tented Full Feathers and using Burnt Goose for a Body Hackle. Key observations and notes:

  • Heavy AJ Spey Hook – 1.5
  • The back body I have used floss (Uni-Stretch) with no dubbing. The front body is seal dubbing.
  • First time > Purple Hackle is Burnt Goose. I soaked it and it wrapped in at the 4/5th mark (where the dubbing started). If there is an issue, is it to thick and I should have strip a side.
    • In keeping with my standard method, I have cross (counter) wrap the hackle for durability.
  • First time > Upper Wing stems were compressed and flatten before tie in. After some “play”, decided I want to end the wing in keeping with tag.

  • Head still needs 2 more coats of cement.



Written by raspberryfisher

2012/11/30 at 06:14

Posted in Fly-Tying, Spey

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  1. […] the flip side, I have some recent tied flies clipped in Mahoney variants, Dragon’s Tooth, Boulder Creek, Gaspey Highlander and the Borden Special. With the free-space, I am¬†thinking of […]

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