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Mike Kinney Flies

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Continue with my look at Mike Kinney Flies and using Burnt Goose for the Body Hackle.. As in the previous post, I started off with the Dragon’s Tooth, but the body hackle is too thick.

Then I continue with “Mike’s” style, but using the Boulder Creek Pattern. I stripped off one side of the body hackle. Better, but it needs to be thinner. Also I like the look of the long blue collar, but the front guinea collar is too short.

Now, I am using only part of a side of the burnt goose hackle. I decided to thin the blue collar, but make it and the guinea collar longer. I like this.

Top view of the last fly.

Anyway, I have some new flies I am happy to fish with.

As far a Burnt Goose, given its body length, it is a great choice for large (or long) spey flies. A major fly supply distributor sells a spey hackle that I suspect is Burnt Goose which I tried to use years ago. This previous go was not good, but the Burnt Goose I am using here is excellent. Unfortunately, I have no notes about my stock, so I either acquired it from a fellow member on the Spey Pages, acquired last year in NJ at the Fly Tying Symposium (John McClain(?)) or at Bob Marriott’s in California.  I have a good supply of Pheasant (Blue and White Eared), so there is no urgency, but when I see more good burnt goose, I am going to buy more.


Written by raspberryfisher

2012/12/01 at 01:10

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