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Last Heron flies of the season

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Emerald Shiner Herons

  • Wing: White Inner and Light Olive Dyed Indian Cock Outer Hackle Tip.
  • Body: Back with White Laragtun French Floss and Front wiith White Seal and Small Oval Ribbing.
  • Collar: Gadwell.

Pictures taken before final head cement coats applied.

 #1 – AJ 1.5 Spey Hook (Nickel) with Black Tip Dyed Marabou Body Hackle.


#1 – AJ 3 Spey Hook (Nickel) with Black Tip Dyed White-Eared Pheasant Hackle.


A better image?




Written by raspberryfisher

2012/12/15 at 21:12

Posted in Fly-Tying, Spey

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  1. […] previousily posted, I am done with the Herons (for now) and as illustrated below, these flies represent the spectrum. […]

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