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January 1, 2013 – laying down a new hardwood floor

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Tesla and I (Daughter-Father activity) went out over the holidays, selected and hauled back some new hardwood floor, so as to complete the renovation of her bedroom (which also includes the elimination of carpet). The construction begun on January 1.


Started with Judy helping and using her Christmas present, a Stihl SE122 Vaccum.  On the floor, to her left, is last years present, a Fein MultiMaster. Both tools are German made, expensive but very nice and well thought out tools.

If there something that screams we (Judy and I) are engineers is the fact we buy tools (power to hand tools) as presents for each other.

floor start_9346

The night before, we spent the time to measure, rip and notch the piece that would fit into the door frame.


And we are off, nailing in our first true piece.

We went with a warm dark dyed (Cappuccino being the marketing name) Maple 3/4″ floor in 3.25″ widths.

floor closet_9362

room panorama_700

Oh yes, the compressor and nail gun is Judy’s.

By about 3pm, we were half-way across the room. Our legs were getting sore and we need a good coffee break.



After we kept going, and by the end of the day (time to retire), what was left were the last 3 rows, which required notching for the heat register and ripping for the final length.


Next morning, last pieces were measured, cut and ripped to fit and then nailed in.

last nail_9377

What is next, the baseboard and changing the electric outlets to white.

This was a great project. When the girls where teenagers, they did not want to learn how to use power tools and we did not push it. Though do now, so now we are doing projects together, I get to teach them how to cross-cut, rip, use air-tools, et cetera. Great father-daughter activities.

The apple did not fall far from the tree.


Oh yes, as we were doing the floor, Judy and Caitlan were in the basement craft room (semi-finished) adding insulation and doing drywall.



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2013/01/06 at 19:55

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  1. Great project. Tools make the best presents!

    Gary Tanner

    2013/01/06 at 20:21

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