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Canadian Tube Fly Company and Fly-Mart

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Flies from Stuart Anderson of CTFC

Shout out to a couple of fly-tying companies, for quality materials, service and selection:

Acknowledging the thin and distributed customer base and the cost-effort of managing an extensive inventory, I appreciate the difficulty in running a good fly tying shop. There are some stores I support when I travel, such as the Backpackers’s Shop (good store to visit, if in the area) west of Cleveland  or Marriott’s outside of LA (unique selection and extensive); but given my location, I must rely upon the Internet. Over my 20 years of tying flies I have seen some great stores sold (Hunters’s in New Boston NH), some closed with retirement of the owner (Dave of American in Salem NH)  and others fall from grace (Kaufmann’s (Portland Oregon)). There are some stalwarts still, such as Online Ordering from Caddisflyshop in Oregon (good selection, great service and free shipping) and browsing through the feathers at Orlando Outfitters (recommended). There are a few others that I rely upon for other fishing needs – Malinda’s (Pulaski, NY), Angler’s Workshop (fly-tying, rod-building), Mudhole (rod building), Doak’s (leaders, some hooks), Ami Du Moucheur  (fly-tying) and Feathercraft.

I have not noted those I have had concerns or dislike with (other than Kaufmann’s who went out of business) and found shipping costs can very dramatically, so if you are in Canada watch the costs and policies from US suppliers.

As I have ventured into Tube Flies, I have searched out a few new shops and come across CTFC and FlyMart in Canada, both offerring quality materials and support for those tying tubes. I am fond of the ProTube system and selection is very good at Fly Mart, and Stuart at CTFC supplies some excellent materials, but takes the effort to promote this style.

The spey hackle used in the previous Gaspey Highlander and the Kinney Flies was burnt goose from CTFC.

Anyway, I have been travelling a lot since New Years and it is keeping me away from fishing and fly-tying. Next two weeks, I will be Singapore and Papeu New Guinea, and I need to write a few paper-abstracts to.  Hence, few posts and I do not foresee me geting much time behind the vise until St Patrick’s Day.



Written by raspberryfisher

2013/02/04 at 06:03

Posted in Fly-Tying, Streamer

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  1. Fantastic blog. I’m going to learn a lot here,.As for bass flies, I couldn’t get by on smallmouth without a beadhead olive wooly bugger.


    2013/04/01 at 04:41

    • Thank you. I transition from the Wooly Bugger to the soft and heavy hackle Wooly Worm, as I saw / notice (later in summer) too many smallmouth soft takes at the tail. With a long tail Wooly Bugger, I suspect I was missing hookups, so I went to the Wooly Worm.

      Never-the-less – the BH Olive Wooly Bugger is awesome fly!


      2013/04/01 at 07:14

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