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more trout dry flies

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My favourite flies on the water – an Ausable Wulff (size 12) or the following peacock quill body with a grizzly and ginger hackle as below (size 14 and 16).  I over-size the hackle, and I do let it blow and ride across the water.


And when I need a small piece of fluff, I use the following Griffith Gnat variant on a Daiichi 1640 Size 16.  The hackle is too large in this case, but I do reverse tie in the hackle over pecock secured with fine copper, add in some krystal flash on the tail and a CDC overwing.


In last summer, you can  modify this tie for a BWO – extended body (floss) for the tail, omit the hackle and use a dun CDC over wing.


Written by raspberryfisher

2013/03/29 at 20:24

3 Responses

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  1. Nice flies. Love that first one in particular.

    Steve Culton

    2013/03/30 at 09:24

    • Thank you. So people gravitate to the Royal Wulff as an attractor, but it is this unname fly is my one of my favourite attractors. I enjoy your blogged, here the snow is still on the ground so the Spring Peepers still are asleep.


      2013/03/30 at 16:52

  2. […] and small CDC Dries, such as […]

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