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some wet flies

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And there will be some wet flies in my box. These being tied on dry fly hook size 12 and 14.

and I will have a few Size 10 Conehead Muddlers.  I am not fond of tying these, so I pick them up at a store, though they are not commonaly available in most stores.




Written by raspberryfisher

2013/03/30 at 23:19

5 Responses

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  1. Love the soft hackles! (the conehead, not so much. Detest casting ’em!)

    Gary Tanner

    2013/03/31 at 01:58

    • I hear you – My fly box has light and heavy soft hackles (of dry and Mustad 3399 hooks respectively), but I keep the conehead (size 10) for this small and deep pockets. I lose my fair share of coneheads, as I am trying to swing them deep in “confused” pocket water, but I have landed some nice trout this way.

      My favourite in the group is the Iron Blue Dun – Red Pearsall’s Sild, Dark Dun Beaver Dubbing and a Jackdaw Shoulder Feather (it is on the bottom right), but in spring, I am more likely to search with an Orange and Partidge.


      2013/03/31 at 03:23

  2. Very tasty soft-hackles.

    Steve Culton

    2013/03/31 at 08:16

  3. They are pretty, that’s for sure.


    2013/04/01 at 05:50

  4. […] Conehead Muddlers […]

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