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Thread Update

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As I noted before, I am a thread-head. But 90% of my activity with trout flies can be summarized as:

  • Standard Thread – Using up my supply of Gudebrod 10/0 and then will shift to Veevus 14/0. Spooled on a Ekich Bobbin.  More I use this bobbin for tying trout flies, the more I recommend it!
  • Finest Thread – such as Uni 17/0 on a Rite Bobbin.
  • Of course on a Matarelli Bobbin, some Pearsall’s Gossamer silk.


After experimentation and testing, I choose Gudebrod 10/0 as my goto trout thread. But they discontinue production!  I noted earlier>

  • Uni is nice, but heavy. I do use the 8/0 for spinning deer hair.
  • I have been disappointed in the spooling quality of Griffith’s.
  • Bennechi is nice, but does not work well with the Ekick Bobbin.
  • Moser’s Power Silk requires a respooling or a bobbin modification Materilli)
  • Admitedly, I have not done a through test, but though I have some of the new Wapsi-UTC thread and Veevus, and now I am moving towards Veevus as my default,  as it proving to be fine and strong.



Written by raspberryfisher

2013/03/31 at 16:34

Posted in Fly-Tying, Tools

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  1. […] reported earlier, I have been slowly transitioning to Veevus thread as my replacement for the discontinued Gudebrod for trout flies, but have wondered what […]

  2. […] posted years ago my thoughts on thread, and at this time my favourite thread (recommendation) for your standard trout fly was Gudebrod […]

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