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another Apple iMAC fails

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A little more than a year old, our iMAC dies.  As reported, of all of our household goods, Apple computers are the most unreliable object (then followed by an old Ford Tauras (which as a gift, so renames a fair investment)) we own. 3 Apple Computers, 8 repairs in 3 years = Average Time between repair-replacements is 13 months.

As an Apple 2 owner from the start of the 80s, I continue to be disappointed in Apple’s attitude change on environmental  sustainability and lack of consideration for product quality and ability to repair. Given the massive sales and corporate worth of Apple, the market continues to say Apple is right in producing sexy designs that will not last nor can be readily repaired.

For us, repair or replace?  If replace, is it time to abandon the Apple platform?  Can I transform my Photoshop licenses to a PC. Calls to Adobe coming soon!

Now you know why I do not have an iPad, nor buy a iPhone which already has a bad reputation for durability.


Written by raspberryfisher

2013/04/01 at 19:32

Posted in Helpdesks, Tools

3 Responses

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  1. If it’s any consolation, I’ve never used a Mac and had the same experiences. They see us coming.


    2013/04/02 at 00:05

    • LOL > As an old Apple person (since 1980), including supporting them in the their bad years, I am so disappointed their adoption of throw-away products. Maybe because I am old, I am not always wanting to throw things out or hanging in the repir store. Anyway, did talk to the Genius – may not be expensive, but I would have to wait a week for repair.


      2013/04/02 at 03:22

      • I’m the same way, I had to replace a 18 month old laptop last month and it killed me. The repair cost was more than buying a new one though.


        2013/04/02 at 04:33

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