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the other Spring flies

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The last in the theme of whats in my Spring Fly Box.

The Stimulator – used when the fish are finicky. Prefer small, sizes 16 and 18, but will use a large fly with a nymph hanging below it. Ideally, I would have a couple of small black variants for the early stone-fly hatch, but we are usually on the water after this.


The Ausable Variants. I have several with Orange Wings to help see them in the pocket water as the sunsets and a few with Light Pink Wings (when you need to try something different).


A flat nymph (stone-clinger) in light tan and …


dirty light yellow (dyed by I).


Extended Body Nymph



and for Leaders, what do we use for Dry Flies >

  • Traditional Commercial Leaders > 7.5′ and 4x in Pocket Water
  • Traditional Commercial Leaders > 9′ and 5x in Glides and calm Riffles, when flies are Size 14 or smaller
  • 5x for any nymph hanging below.

and what about the wetflies?

  • If high-stick nymphing or a classic upstream wet fly, I use some similar to my late summer rig  (3-4x)
  • If swinging, it maybe a simple 3-5′ section on 3-4x.  But if the fly is heavy, I may up-size to 1x-2x.

thats it for now.


Written by raspberryfisher

2013/04/03 at 00:40

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