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our Maple Syrup Season is closed!

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Some limited processing remains and the clean up is outstanding, but the Maple Syrup season is now done.  The last batch from the previous week was dark (picture above, on the right) with a slight bitter after taste (fine on pancakes and waffles) was bottled. The sap after this batch was cloudy and the spring peepers (frogs) emerged 2 nights ago.

Production quality was good and quantity is high (for our home operation) with about 3 gallons (12 l) bottled.

  • Picture description from left to right. Decanting the segment of the first light batch in a tall glass, with clean-filter pouring bottle beside it. The mid-season batch is in the Mason Jar and the last of late season batch is decanting on the far right in a tall glass.

Today’s nature observations:

  • The maple season is closed.
  • Spring peepers just started and singing loudly.
  • The early (small) crocus are fading.
  • The scilla just started blooming.

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2013/04/21 at 20:11

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