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Carolina Spring Beauty

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carolina spring beauty_0359

With thanks to Steve Galea, this wildflower on my forest floor was identified as a Carolina Spring Beauty.   So what do I do next?  Since it is not evasive and not a large grouping on my lot, I need to help it along. Some of the web pointers>

From Soolca >  The seeds should be stratified for 4 weeks to break dormancy … can be imitated in a refrigerator in any season. The seeds should be covered only very lightly when sown ….  the soil should be between 16°C and 22°C. Germination usually occurs between 28 and 50 days.

… can be propagated by dividing the plant every 2 – 3 years …  should be done in the spring.


and Dave’s Garden >  Propagation Methods: From seed; direct sow outdoors in fall

Seed Collecting: Bag seedheads to capture ripening seed Allow  seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds Seed does not store  well; sow as soon as possible.


From the Nature Conservancy > According to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, spring beauties are not only beautiful spring ephemeral, but a tasty spud-like vegetable. The tubers, or the fleshy underground stem or root that provides nutrition to the plant, are a half inch to two inches in diameter, and are often compared to radishes or small potatoes. They taste, however, much sweeter than the average spud – more like a chestnut than potato – and are rich in nutrients including potassium, calcium and vitamins A and C.


Anyway, the sun is setting, I think I should go out (assuming the mosquito’s are not to bad), mark the area and clean the site to allow it expand.



Written by raspberryfisher

2013/05/07 at 04:01

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  1. Very cool post. Love the additional information on growing them. I had never given that any thought. Also I did not know that their tubers could be eaten. Have you tried them?


    2013/05/07 at 04:23

    • Have not eaten a tuber yet. Last night, I did go out to clean the area and look more carefully. I am seeing evidence of seed and root propagation. The stems are fragile. Assuming life conflicts do not prevent me, I think I will try some seed propogation to another area. Oh yes, the mosquitos and black flies are on the bite.


      2013/05/07 at 18:47

      • Same thing here. Turkey hunting and trout fishing the rest of the week starting Wednesday, Should be fun.


        2013/05/07 at 19:25

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