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Anemone Pulsatilla aka Pasque Flower

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I planted 5 or 6 years ago 2 small Anemone Pulsatilla looking for a spring blue-purple perennial that could thrive under the shadow of a large maple tree, near the forest edge – a tough location.  I also needed a plant that was resistant to deer (turning the plant into a salad).

The verdict > The Pasque has slowly thrived and has self-seeded itself.  After blooming is complete, I will transplant the outliers into a tighter grouping and watching to capture a couple of seed pods.

Pictures are from this morning (May 8) at sunrise.




Also under the maple tree is perwinkle, which began to bloom last week and appears to approcaching its peak.  It is a great ground cover in these shaded tree landscapes, but does expand aggressively into other spaces and needs to be kept.


Continuing on the secondary theme of propagation, we have another technique that is not usually recognized – proprogation by squirrel. I always amazed to see crocus, muscari and daffodils growing in places we never planted them. Currently, we have 3 daffodils (2 singular and one now a group) growing 100+’  away from the original grouping within the forest.

propagation by squirrel_0445



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