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a wet forest floor

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After a week of sunny dry and hot days (mid 80s (or 28-30C)), weather is now seasonal – cool and wet.


fern DWW_0513


Written by raspberryfisher

2013/05/12 at 17:41

Posted in Life in the back

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  1. Do you have any wild leeks in your neck of the woods? We have them here and I love making a leek and potato soup once or twice a year.


    2013/05/12 at 18:48

    • Yes, we have the wild leeks to, but in my walks I have not checked on them lately.


      2013/05/12 at 18:50

      • In your experience, do you think deer eat them? I’m trying to figure this one out. Where I used to live a few miles down the road there were few deer and tons of wild leeks. Where I live now there are tons of deer and few wild leeks. Just curious.


        2013/05/12 at 18:52

      • Our deer do not eat the leeks as I believe they look to the farmers crops at this time of year. I have also seen them change dietary preferences too and suspect preferences are base on local availability, so given this, my cautious answer, your leeks are probably safe (mine are, with the but), assuming your deer have not developed a preference for them.


        2013/05/12 at 19:33

  2. Nice photos by the way.


    2013/05/12 at 18:49

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