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Brown / Olive-Brown Streamers. I am not sure of the circle hook, but if I do not try it and give it a go, I will never know.




Written by raspberryfisher

2013/05/18 at 07:52

Posted in Fly-Tying, Streamer

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  1. I use something almost identical to the top streamer. I can’t remember the name but I believe it is an old Jack Gartside pattern. I tie them in black, olive and white marabou with a mallard flank hackle.collar. They are a joy to cast and deadly on smallmouth. I haven’t given them a fair shake on trout.


    2013/05/18 at 16:12

    • Yes, it is a Jack Gartside pattern, but I to do not recall its name. I have other variants to, such as you – black, white, rarely olive.

      The other pattern came out of the same book – “Trout Flies” – photo-essay of well known tyers by Judith Dunham.


      2013/05/18 at 16:19

      • I have the book and I’m looking it up as we speak.


        2013/05/18 at 16:29

      • It’s the Olive -Silver Hare-pala and the other is Gartside’s soft-hackle streamer. Gartside’s pattern is genius as far as I’m concerned.So simple to tie and so effective.


        2013/05/18 at 16:33

      • Nice job on both patterns, by the way.


        2013/05/18 at 16:33

    • Long reply > When I started fly-fishing, I did the vest and tried to emulate Dave Whitlock in on of his books – boxes, boxes and pockets. As we know, this is rarely needed, even for trout. I may keep 2 boxes on me in a chest pack if I am out for the whole day, but often 1 box or occassionally a baggie for an evening of smallmouth.

      I like the Gartside Soft-Hackle to for Smallmouth. They fish create under tension (do not fish upstream (or strip fast)) and can be placed in a baggie in my wader pocket. So it makes a great fly for a quick outing.

      I believe there is a lot we can learn in trying to emulate some-elses work, so doing patterns out of a book (even 1) is often of value. This is my first (an so far only) Hara-Pala. I like rabbit more than marabou (holds together better when tension is off) (see https://raspberryfisher.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/tube-flies/ ).

      I have been trying the Silver Doctor that it on the cover of Dunham’s book. My body is perfect, but I have not master the married wing. So I have been cutting off many wings so far.


      2013/05/18 at 18:05

      • I’m with you on this. although I do wear a vest that is stocked for almost every occasion, which is funny because I almost always revert to wooly buggers and a few other patterns when the fishing gets tough — and it almost always seems to work for me.
        I read a lot of fly tying and fly fishing books and, with me, it’s sort of like throwing cow shit against a barn — some sticks with me, some falls by the wayside. It’s a constant process but the end result is that I get a little better each season. (I’ve got an awful long way to go.)
        I really enjoy your blog because you seem to be naturally meticulous — something I am not. So your flies and the attention to detail you put into them inspire me to do better. I really appreciate that,
        I will probably never be a great fly angler or fly dresser, but the fun of it is striving to be better and having brilliant moments along the way.
        Yesterday, with that brown and that water, I just knew that I’d raise a fish by swinging a black wooly bugger over a current seem.There was just no doubt in my mind. I suppose that’s what experience and paying attention to the experiences of other good anglers gets you..
        All this is to say I have a great respect for your posts and I pay attention to them because you are obviously committed to quality and the important nuances of this great pastime..


        2013/05/18 at 18:52

      • wow – Thank you.


        2013/05/18 at 21:55

  2. You are quite welcome. It is well-deserved.


    2013/05/19 at 01:39

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