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Ausable River, NY Update

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caddis-nymph DSCN0031

Judy and I came back fishing from 4 days at Wilmington NY on the Ausable River. We had a good time, but were not able to land any fish (more later). Key observations:

  • Rain and several front changes happen!  When we started the water was cold and low (mid 50s at about 400 cfs), but after the second day (thunderstorms) the water was high and dirty (currently 0ver 4000 cfs (x10)) with fishing streamers on the banks the only option.
  • Obviousily it has been a cold spring, the black flies did not arrive until Thursday!  We saw many insects, but few fish were rising for them.

What did we see in insects, from mayflies to caddis, then large to small:

  • Mayfly – Size 12 – Light-Medium Brown Body and Medium Wing – March Brown?
  • Mayfly – Size 14 – Tan Body and Dark Dun Wing – Hendrickson and next two?
  • Mayfly – Size 14  – Yellow-Tan Body and Medium Dun Wing
  • Mayfly – Size 14 – Red Quill Body and Light-Medium Dun Wing.
  • Mayfly – Size 14 – Light Cahill (few)
  • Mayfly – Size 18 – BWO.Activity was sporadic and usually in the afternoon.
  • Caddis – Size 14 – Yellow-Tan
  • Caddis – Size 16-18 – Tan
  • Caddis – Size 16-18 – Grey

and the stonefly below.

I will use this list for next year, but I need to add more stonefly patterns into the box. I think I will spend more time collecting flies and photographing them too.




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2013/05/24 at 22:05

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  1. Sorry about your luck. It happens to the best of us. But it sounds like you had a productive trip nevertheless. Excellent photos too.


    2013/05/24 at 22:52

  2. Love the bug pictures.

    Fishing is funny, isn’t it? I fished a run last week for a half-hour and landed six trouts on wets. Care to guess how many trout we (three anglers) landed in the same spot, same time two days later? (Hint: it starts with the letter Z.)

    Steve Culton

    2013/05/25 at 05:28

  3. Thank you and LOL – I am not fond of some the platitudes that go with this, such as “It is fishing,not catching”, but as I like to experiment and venture into new spaces, I have been hardened to been blanked. It also have help, I have had those miracle days (one day, stopped at noon after I landed my 9th steelhead (lost a few too)). Never-the-less, I still want to land a fish, but I am willing to just enjoy the river.

    Sidebar, I was thrilled when the black stonefly landed on me and let me take its picture. If there was less rain and safer to wade the river, I would have tried to take a few more pictures of the insects.


    2013/05/25 at 05:58

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