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Saving a hummingbird – 1 for 2 today

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A hummingbird got trap in the garage today, and rather than going out the open door it exhausted herself trying to fly through the window. Exhausted, it perched herself on my fly-fishing gear and allowed me to get her outside.

Like all birds we rescue, I place them (her) onto a fabric platform to rest safely.  This hummingbird stood up and then flew away into the Rhododendhrons less than 10 minutes later.




The bad news, a robin hit the dining room hard this evening, though it died quickly.

Two old pictures from 2 winters ago of a hairy woodpecker, which I do not believe I have posted before.




Written by raspberryfisher

2013/06/05 at 07:32

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  1. We have a lot of glass on the side of our house and birds constantly hit it. I’ve yet to find one dead however. Usually, when I get there, they have gathered their wits and fly off. Wonderful photos. I once saw a hummingbird cling to the bottom of a outdoors umbrella to wait out bad weather. It stayed there for some time and would not leave even as I took close up shots. They are somewhere in my computer’s jumbled memories.


    2013/06/05 at 19:49

  2. Absolutely most bird strikes result in the bird shaking it off in seconds or less. Adjunct to this was a discussion I heard that on the radio claing those leave-forest stickers on a window do not work. The counter argument being – if a bird is constanty flying through a forest, why would a few leaf stickers on a window slow them down.

    When I hear a ‘heavy’ knock, do look to see if anybody is harmed, but only rarely see an injured bird. So far after 12 years here, I can only recall the one death – yesterday’s robin. In the blueberry netting, I have rescue a kinglet, an unidentified warbler, flicker and robin. Conscious that in protection my blueberries, I am risking harm to birds.

    Right now, they should be enjoying the wild strawberries though.

    Steve, I do appreciate how close you are able to get to wildlife. Nice


    2013/06/05 at 20:42

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