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With high water and nursing a shoulder injury, I have been tying small bead-head nymphs for next year. The largest are on a TMC 3761-14 and the smallest is on a  Mustad 3399-16.



Written by raspberryfisher

2013/08/10 at 22:35

Posted in Fly-Tying, Nymphs

6 Responses

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  1. Cool little thing. Get well soon.


    2013/08/11 at 02:15

    • Get well soon. I know some steelhead that would like those hot bead heads.

      Steve Culton

      2013/08/13 at 08:35

    • Thank you. Rather than typing a long story, I will note I have and will have limited mobility with the left arm for a few more months. Theraphy started in April, tests continue and doctor added another therapist into the mix.

      I can fish (yeah), but not paddle a canoe (boo). With the water as it is this summer, very high, canoeing is important.

      (Steve C, I fixed the typo)


      2013/08/13 at 16:33

      • My solution would be to offer to teach someone how to canoe.


        2013/08/13 at 18:53

  2. That’s “that,” not “theat.”

    Steve Culton

    2013/08/13 at 08:36

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