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Handscrew Wood Clamp

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The traditional handscrew wood clamp is very flexible and can be a good jig, but there are several improvements I have always wanted to incorporate into it.

  1. Weight – there is no substitute for a high mass tool to secure an object. Provides rigidity and dampens vibration, as you work on a piece.
  2. Square Jaw – The traditional bevel jaw works well when clamping wood for gluing pieces, but not as a jig, where you want to secure the assembly to another surface, such as a work-bench, drill-press, et cetera.
  3. Flat Space – More flat space to bind the object.
  4. Adaption – Notches to hold pieces or the ability to add another form-jig to secure complex shapes.

To this end, I create, using a Lee Valley Jorgensen-Dubuque kit, I created the following woodscrew clamp, which has performed well for me.


  1. Using 3.5″ square hard maple, with a long extended jaw, I have a massive clamp-jig with a large mating surface.
  2. I have included 2 notches and there are 1/4″ centered holes through the jaw that allows be to secure another jig to the clamp if need be.



Written by raspberryfisher

2014/05/10 at 23:12

Posted in Rod-Building, Tools

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