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Sharpening – a couple of accessories that I highly recommend

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Two thumbs up >

I recently added a rarely seen S-23 Carving Bar Accessory to my belt sharpener (both from Viel). The extension that allows the belt to run flush with the body is a major improvement, and an unlooked for BIG gain, was the flat surface that allows me to make reference marks, allowing for greater control-repeatability with free hand sharpening.  In the setup below, using masking tape to create the references, I able to enable to quickly set and hone a 25degree edge with a 20degress skew on my chisels.  Similarily, it is great for straight gouges, like a roughing gougeT.

The other accessory that I rely on, to ensure squares on any joinery and setting sharpening angles is the Beall Tilt Box. With the zero function and a good straight edge, it is possible to set repeatable angles, accurately and quickly.  I rely on this tool, as much as I rely on a machinist rule and my Starrett Calipers.


No, I do not leave the adjustable angle tool on the motor, but as shown as a reference of s tool I use to set angles, such as the 20 degree sweep on the skew.  The screwdriver is always handy to adjust belt alignment.

The UHMW bars are used as sliders for the old Viel table. Other changes to my sharpening setup is coming.



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2014/05/12 at 00:41

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