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Winston BL5 9wt

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I have had this rod blank for a long time, a rod I got to be able to cast large flies at Pike.  With my re-emergence and trying to up-my-game, this was the second rod I built since starting up.

  1. UL St Croix Spinning Rod – for Summer Bass with small lures (yet to be posted)
  2. Winston 9′ 5wt BL5 for Pike (below)
  3. Sage 10′ 3wt ESN for French Leader Fishing – Posted earlier on May 13th.
  4. Reworked Scott 1409 Handle – Posted earlier on May 10th.

I am currently working on some fiberglass rods, including:

  1. James Green 7wt 10′ – need to create handle and reel seat from some Quilted Maple that I have.
  2. Kabuto 805 Yellow, 663 and 662 in White – Testing One-Part Urethane for non-yellowing.
  3. Morgan 804 – no action taken yet.

For the BL5 below, I used the following:

  • Butt – Cork-Synthetic orginally purchased from Hunters a long time ago.
  • Reel Seat – Struble (UL7 I believe), but I errored in not securing the hardware when I turned the cork with the reel seat mounted, so I do damage the reelseat finish. Listen learnt, before turning, if reel seet is on – tape or shrink wrap the reel seat hardware in place.
  • Cork Handle – Rings glued in placed with Rod Bond Epoxy and shaped on rod.  The epoxy creates hard lines between each ring, making handle firm-hard and complicates shaping.  Will be going to TiteBond III on future builds.
  • Maker’s Mark – Testor’s Silver Paint with a Speedbal Nib.  This is my goto for dark rods.  I did experiment (bought) some decals, but I prefer a hand-written mark versus a custom decal.
  • Silk Thread – Green with Yellow and Orange Trim Bands, with Al’s Color Rite (4 applications) plus 3 light coats of ProKote Epoxy.  As with the ESN Rod, on graphite rods, the use of the dual trim bands is part of me new standard.
  • Guides Fuji Single Foot Ceramic 7x LSG8 + YSG8 and YSG10.  As noted in previous work, I limited Fuji Ceramic Guides to “fast” 9wt or greater single handed rods, given they are the heaviest option.




Reflecting a discussion on a fly-fishing forum.  I have always prefered large diameter handles on Single Hand Rods, such as the BL5, for a relax closed fist firm grip for casting; but rods where I am mostly managing the drift or swing – such as in Spey fishing (the modified Scott 1409) or a French Leader (the previos 10′ 3wt), I prefer a fine grip, where a balance rod just sits in my hand.



Written by raspberryfisher

2014/05/14 at 21:58

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