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I have not been posting fly-fishing or fly-tying pictures or stories, for this summer as I started a “life-style” change, which has kept me off the water.  As a result in the less than 4 months, as of today, I have lost 50lbs and looking to lose another 50 before the end of 2015.  I am in no rush, it has taken me decades to get where I am at, so I am patient to get back to were I once was (early 1980s with a 36-38″ waist).


Though I have never had a bad body image with being “obese”, so no loathing, I have been continually dis-enchanted with my lack ability to climb hills and extert myself.  So I started after solstice to walk and count my calories.  No fancy diet or regime, other than, making sure I am walking most days 14000 to 22000 steps and on most days my calorie intake is from 1500 to 1800 calories.  If I too much sushi once in a while, so be it.

So I have been drilling holes into my belt (taken in 7″ off the waist (now below 42″)), my shirts are loose and I am going to need a new set of clothes.

I have forever given up peanut butter and potato chips, and as my love for good bread was to much give up this staple, I have keep my bread intake to 150 calories a day.  If there is anything I miss, it is beer at dinner and the ocasional fish-n-chips.  Yes, I still have a beer, but not at home unless, my calorie count is below a 1000 before dinner, and I am having a light dinner to handle those additional 200 calories.

But as my goal was to improve my cardio, I am now starting the next regime to push me. Today I got my new bike for winter and our gravel roads, a Surly Troll.  With short legs and a long body, it was not easy to find a good bike that fit, and compounded by the local bike shop wanting to push what they had in stock, versus what would fit me.  Fortunately, Mighty Riders (2 thumbs up) in Vancouver rose to the challenge and with my extremely small working window last week, built up the bike for me to take back home, with Bill at Almonte Bicycles finishing it.

I am sure, as an engineer, I can spend endless hours tweaking – building a bike, but Caitlan convince me, I would be better off to let someone else tweak – build it, as I ride it.  Today, I felt my thighs burn, as I rode well along the roads.

Why a Troll?  A steel frame bike that handle winter gravel roads (hardtail mountain bike with drop bars and drifters), and by adding panniers I intend to use it to grocery shop. Evenetually, I hope to carry my rods along to.

I have not given up fishing, but I want to start a new endeavour. I have always enjoy riding, so here is the start of another chapter, and it should be easier to hike up those hills and get to those remote trout rivers.



Written by raspberryfisher

2014/10/12 at 06:06

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  1. Good on you.


    2014/11/09 at 18:05

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