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Stockholm – Thielska Gallery – Pictures through Ports

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This week, the sun has been out, but never-the-less, it has been a precious resource this winter in Stockholm. Friends here, knowing my appreciation for art suggested the Thielska Gallery, which is an absolute gem – small collection and very excellent collection.

Anyway, here are some pictures from January 17, playing with light in windows, frames, doorways at the Thielska Gallery.

thielska 1

thielska 2

thielska 3

thielska 4

thielska 5

thielska 6

thielska 7

There is a fine collection of Edvard Munch, but after seeing more of his work, I do not believe the scream is his most “distrubed” work.  Yes, The Scream is open and forceful, but there are other faceless works that show a greater sense of despair.  I will note he has a similar colour palate as Van Gogh (later work) and similarity in patterns also come out.

thielska munch 10

Winter, northern light and the outdoors are major themes here.

thielska 8

thielska window 9

One of my favourite watercolourist is Carl Larsson and there were several excellent painting’s of his here.  Worth returning to study in more detail, (when) if I get back to painting.

thielska 12

I will let Judy picked which of the two she prefers.  The ligthing was changing quickly, so I had little time to compose get the angles right.  The first (third shot) does not have me smiling, but includes the exterior window.  The next (second shot) is a better portrait, but I am not as well placed (there were few options, as the shadows were dropping).

thielska 14

thielska 13

thielska 15


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