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I was home for three days (back from Europe (Sweden, Crotia, Slovkia), off to Cleveland) and was able to tie the previously posted “crawfish” and a dozen Usuals.  This was my first time with the Usual and hope to give them a run for their money on their “home waters” on the Ausable in NY State in June.

I like the pattern – quick to tie and look like they will float well in the pocket water on the Ausable.  I tied them on TMC’s 900BL, sizes 14-18. What the picture shows, in order of tying:

  • Hook: TMC 900BL – Size 16 – use your shortest shank dry fly.
  • Thread – Hot Orange Danville Flymaster – 8/0
  • Head – Snowshoe Hare (Cream, Rear Foot, Bottom) Long and Medium Guard Hairs.
  • Tail – Snowshoe Hare Medium Guard Hairs
  • Dubbing – Snowshoe Hare Fur.


I do hope this fly produces, as I can see this as a goto pattern in the future.



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/04/07 at 17:25

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  1. […] current Pocket Water Trout fly is the Usual, and here is a Sulphur Head […]

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