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Dry Fly Hooks – Moving to the TMC103Y

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In the previous post, I suggested a using a “shorter” hook than my standard TMC900BL to tie a Usual would be a good thing, so I decided to take a look  at what is available, given the recent (within 10 years) growth of hooks resulting from European Fishing Techniques.

Using what I had, but also Google Images to extract information, here is a comparative look at hooks, where the hook “size” has been equally proportion from the outer bend of the wire.

Dry Fly Hooks

Shorter is subjective, as it can be seen as a function of the length of the hook or the length available to tie the body. Of course we cannot dismiss the point from point to the eye, which is reflected in my comparison.  And for reference. I have defined the left end of the body, once the wire has dropped the radius of with wire.

Conclusion: In future, I will be using the TMC103, which will eventually become my new standard for dry flies. It is a nice light wire barbless hook with a good bend for hooking into the jaw. The Dohiku 301 is a good alternative.


August 15 2015 Update – After some good feedback

I am not sure where-why I got the sample Hanak 900 Hook, when the Hanak 130 BL would be a better fit (size and shape of the point).  Short streamer hooks seems to be the norm for Eastern Europe where I cite Dohiku HDN 302 and I suspect reflects some of the older stillwater patterns in Europe.

This also leads up to a good additional point to assist in the selection of a hook, what sizes are available, based on manufacturer’s websites (where possible).

  • TMC 900BL – 10-18 – This was my default hook, I still have many left, but I am phasing over to the TMC 103Y.
  • Partridge Weaver – Out of Production – 10-16 (known)(if you can find them). I note that I had samples from Chris Helm of the Partridge SLD, whose shape I like, but found the tempering and brittleness poor enough that I would not order any more. This appears to be irrevelant as these hooks are also no longer made (and I have used up my last hook this spring).
  • Dokihu 301 – 10 to 20 – I also note, the body at size 18 and 20 is reduced relative to the gap, a very smart adaption.  The hook I would look to, if the 103Y is unavailable.
  • Hanak – 103BL – 10 to 20 – I have never tied onto this hook.
  • Hanak – 900BL – 6 to 10. Limited sample experience, and would look at the 103BL first.  I have a “web” comparison with the 103BL below.  As of this update, I have no hooks in my box to add more information.
  • Hends 454 – 8 to 20 – Information from various retailers. I have many flies on these hooks, I am happy with them, but will concentrate on the TMC 103Y, and if necessary compare against the Dokihu.
  • TMC 103Y – 11 to 21 (odd sizes). Courtesy of some gillies in England, my default dry fly hook now.
  • Daiichi 1310 – 8 to 22 – Limited experience, but have had no issues, but prefer the barbless shape of the above hooks.

I usually dislike referencing other sites webpages – URL changes et cetera – and depending upon the quality of web designer, links will eventually break. Never-the-less, I have link to so sites for the hooks, but will not maintain them (once the originator breakers them).

And what sizes do I use for a TDE dry fly hook 10 (11) to 18 (19).

I rarely tie midges or extended body BWOs (when I want a very small hook), I was using Daiichi 1640 (straight eye), but shifted to the Gaelic Midge with a small UTE. As Gaelic (Sprite) hooks are no longer in production, I will be shifting back to the Daiichi 1640 once my stock is cleared out.

The sub-text – if trout are feeding on Midges, I am more likely to be fishing for Smallmouth Bass.

Last, using Hanak’s images, I have mashed a comparison of the shape of the 103 and 900.




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2015/05/10 at 22:13

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  1. […] previous post, I discuss and look at what would be the best hook for this fly and conclude with the TMC 103Y, but found another excellent option – samples given to me by Chris Helm some time ago – […]

  2. […] nymphs six years ago, but not for the dry fly. Given I an updating my dry fly hook standard to the TMC 103BL, so I thought it was time to publish my standard with the associated body […]

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