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I am a fan of the Scupzilla in Size 8 for trout.  With its weighted head with an articulated body with rabbit, it make a great fly to swing through some pool holding trout.  The issues with commercial patterns is limited colour choice and few are tied down to a size 8.

So here the latest set for this spring, with some additional touches.

  • Allowance for copper or gold heads.
  • Colours – better imitation of tan and olive baitfish.
  • Willingness to add in marabou collar or dyed amherst on the side.

What remains is adding in a Brown Trout Variant and an Emerald Shiner.

1 DWW_3392 2 DWW_3395 3 DWW_3396 4 DWW_3398 5 DWW_3399



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/06/08 at 05:43

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