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James Green 7wt DH – Update – with Reel

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Today, in balancing the rod, I went with the lightest reel I have – Loop (Danielsson) 3W  – and added on a RIO VersiTip (no id unfortunately) which I had with my Scandi 7wt setup to a Wulff Ambush 9wt 390gr line and started casting some nice tight loops.  I was happily surprised at how light the setup is!

Post Publish Note – One website lists the Wulff 9wt as 390grains, but Wulff themselves its the weight as 350grains. I think I have two distinct but similar choices to try:

  1. 9wt Ambush with RIO 10′ InTouch 7wt, getting me to 425grains
  2. 10wt Ambush with Airflow PolyLeaders (10′ probably) getting me to 430+grains.

Lawn casting last night, I was thinking I would want a longer head and less weight, but today it was good. Real good and using a light reel was great!  In talking to James last night, his suggestion is to try a line of 425 grains – or better stated, get 425 grains out past the tip.  So the Ambush 9wt with tip may be best, but I may be looking to work in a 10wt line to compare.

I did not buy-build this rod to throw long, but to fish and catch steelhead in tight quarters, where 60′ is the pool against the bank across the river and trees are everywhere. This appears to suit this just fine and I am happy!  As far as the cast – slow down and at the end of the forward cast, give it a little snap forward and you should a tight loop to the bank on the other side of the river bank.

And the short fiberglass blank will help with getting that fish to y feet.

Some more practice, maybe a little tweaking, but what is left is fine tuning.

The rod with the reel.

james green IMG_1921

With some measurements below.

The fore-handle handle length is right for me, with my cast movement (more scandi under-hand versus a traditional top hand caster), I am finding, I am placing (extending) my fore-thumb naturally from 15.5″ to 17″. A shorter for handle would not be good (and longer would be irrevelant).

The knife represents the balance point, probably a little too far back and noting I have the lightest reel on a down locking reel-seat, I could have moved the reel up by 0.5″ to 1″ inch with a little more cork on the aft grip. Never-the-less, it holds well and I get to use the lightest reel possible, which is great.

jame-green IMG_1923

Last note in this post, I like to keep the cork simple.  In this case, I did add some flourish with some burl cork at the ends, but under my hands, I just want cork. Cork is good in the cold, the wet et cetera, so in the middle of the grip, keep it simple, keep it cord.

I used the rubberized cork, which does provide weight and some real structural support, which is nice at the reel seal entry and forming the butt.  I remain undecided of the flourish with the burl cork is of any gain.  (I used the dark burl for some single hand fly rods as end pieces though).



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2015/08/12 at 03:45

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