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small (16) – Sulphur Klinkhamers

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While I wait for an order of fly line tips for my new rod to come in, I finished up some small (size 16) Sulphur Klinkhamers.

Of note, the bodies are quill with a thread base. To get segmentation, I allow gaps as I wrap and then use 3 coats of varnish (Cellire) to coat the body.  It is important to wait a week to allow the varnish harden thoroughly. The hint – tie the bodies, varnish and let them sit in a box for a week. Add the post, hackle and peacock later.

I am using a variant saddle hackle from Metz that I picked up in the late nineties with a range of tan to red-brown.

sulphur klinkhamerDWW_4451

The foam post is tied in from the front, so as the body is slim, though it has a tendency to lean back (which I am not fond off, but this is the lesser of 2 evils).

I find this is the minimum size of post that will keep the fly in the surface film.

sulphur yellow DWW_4449

If you look into the peacock below, you can detect I counter-wrap the peacock with thread. Id est, I tie in peacock at the post and wrap it forward to the eye (where the thread is).  Tie off the peacock, apply a whip finish knot, and then wrap the thread back to the post.

Last, I wrap the hackle around the post and secure-knot the hackle to the post. You can see the bulk from the thread.  Sometimes I get enough compression from the foam you will not see the thread, but usually the threadat the base of the hackle is visible.

I rarely cement the finish, as it often wicks into the peacock and thus harming the fly. Tie in secure, compress the foam and consider using some wax as you whip finish.

sulphur klinkhamer DWW_4448

Darker hackle.

sulphur klinkhamer DWW_4447

Lighter hackle.

sulphur klinkhamer DWW_4453


Written by raspberryfisher

2015/08/13 at 23:49

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