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Orange Dye – Fox

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To complete the dry fly series for next spring, I had to dye some hackle.  Also in the queue was to dye some fox into a bright orange for my winter steelhead fishing.  First step was a Jacquard Sun Yellow, followed by a FlyDye Hot Orange. I prefer the two step process, as it greats a gradient colour (change) from base to tip (versus a commercial dye that is a flat single colour).

In final bath, with acid.

fox wet IMG_1658

After drying. The yellow in the corner is the base colour.

fox orange IMG_1665

My colour mix, commercial and my selection.  Once I get a couple more white patchs of fox, I will dye a gradient blue.  I am not to fond of the commercial red, but I rarely use red in my steelhead flies (or any fly), other than a possible slash to represent open gills.

fox raindow IMG_1666



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2015/08/17 at 21:39

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